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HairMax Introduces Worldwide, the First Cordless, Flip Device Laser Hair Growth Cap at Virtual CES 2021

10 Mar 2021

HairMax innovates again with the new Flip 80 laser hair growth cap designed to treat pattern hair loss and stimulate hair growth with a flip!

This one-of-a-kind Laser Cap with dual-coverage and higher density, treats thinning areas and stimulates hair growth where you need it - the front or back of your head or BOTH when flipped.

The unique design incorporates 80 medical grade lasers densely concentrated within half the cap. This provides the equivalent scalp coverage of 160 lasers and 800 mW total power output when used on both areas of the scalp.  That's twice the laser density and power of other 80 laser caps when flipped.

The Flip 80 Laser Cap joins the HairMax family of FDA Cleared Hair Growth devices, including LaserCombs, LaserBands and Full Scalp Laser Cap devices. HairMax devices deliver nourishing laser light energy to the  hair follicles to reduce inflammation, reverse thinning and stimulate fuller, denser, healthier hair growth.

David Michaels, HairMax Founder and Managing Director, states: "We understand that hair loss varies from person to person. We care, that's why we offer the widest selection of laser therapy devices to treat the specific hair loss needs of the men and women we serve."

>Mr. Michaels continues: "We are continually driven to provide hair loss sufferers choices in their laser treatment options. The Flip 80 Laser Cap is the most innovative cap device on the market, designed to provide 160 total laser scalp coverage (when flipped) for the price of 80 lasers.  We look forward to meeting strategic partners at CES 2021 to continue to expand the HairMax brand globally."

The HairMax Flip 80 Cap has been scientifically engineered with these unique features:

  • 80 Medical Grade Lasers providing 800mW total output when flipped.
  • Exclusive dual design provides the equivalent of 160 laser total scalp coverage for the price of 80 lasers.
  • The only cap device on the market with a built-in rechargeable battery. No controller, power cords or battery pack to carry, allowing for total freedom of movement.
  • Lightweight device for unparalleled comfort, adjusting for various head sizes and shapes.
  • The soft comfort silicone insert is uniquely fabricated to both conceal the internal circuitry and protect the laser diodes.
  • The laser diodes are densely spaced and precisely aligned to deliver uniform follicle stimulation.

HairMax laser devices are FDA cleared to treat hereditary hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Seven clinical studies were conducted at major medical research centers in the U.S. showing an increase hair count of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch. HairMax stands alone with an unmatched 20-year heritage of high-quality manufacturing standards in an ISO 13485:2016 registered, MDSAP certified and GMP compliant facility.


HairMax Flip 80 Cap is now available at FABOVE.CA - Canada's Beauty Store. 

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