BEX is a professional line for the most demanding artists to fuel their creative expressions. Bex products are created by stylist who understand the expectations of their peers and needs of their clients. Bex is for everyone to have the Best Ever Xeperience with BEX tools!

BEX has been rebranded as MINT Professional. MINT was created by stylists for stylists. Mint tools are designed to combine effectiveness and efficiency with industrial artistry, so you can expect nothing but the best.


MINT Ionic Digital Straightening Brush
In this state of the art, it's easy to use a straightening brush featuring ceramic coated bristles and...
BEX Professional Heat Style Wand 1"
BEX Professional Heat Styling Wand Bex Professional Heat Curling Iron/ Styling Wand (1" inch) is quick, simple and...
MINT Turbo Boost Flat Iron 1"
This powerful flat iron is constructed with the latest technology, and the added improvements make this iron a...
The Mint Black Bird dryer will leave your hair feeling amazing! This revolutionary ionic dryer creates maximum ion...
The Mint Stealth dryer will amaze you with its ability to dry hair faster, shinier and healthier with...
The Mint X-Long Curling Wand maximizes style flexibility and cuts curling time in half with its extra-long and...
A great curling iron is an absolute must for every stylist! And you know how hard it has...
This MVK15 flat iron has plates that are longer and wider, making it perfect for wider sections of...
MINT Texture Iron, MINT Crimper The Mint Pro Texture Iron has deep, micro crimping plates, allowing you to...
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