White Sands Gel-Us 7.6oz

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White Sands Gel-Us Volume Flexible Firm Hold Gel

Firm Flexible Hold Hair Gel creates an all day barrier against humidity and unwanted moisture from your style. This product is excellent for both wash and wear looks and for diffusing with a blow dryer.

Gel-Us allows 100% of the entire product to work synergistically in styling and conditioning to provide hydration and shine unlike any gel out there. With hair now in a perfect moisture balance after using Gel-Us, each cuticle layer is closed to eliminate frizz, improve texture, repel moisture and provide volume.


  • Archid complex for moisture balance
  • Excellent Curl Control and Softness
  • Anti Frizz and Block Humidity
  • Natural Botanical Formula
  • Volume
  • Firm flexible hold
  • High shine
  • No flaking
  • Alcohol free
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