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    Kalo Post Epilating Hair Inhibitor Spray 4oz

    Kalo Post Epilating Hair Inhibitor Spray 4oz

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    It makes hair take longer time to appear when used after the hair has been removed by the root, and used after shaving. Ideal for treating larger areas like legs or the back. Learn More
  2. Hair No More Vanishing Creme 6oz

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    This depilatory cream removes unwanted hair from the face, upper lip, beard, arms, legs, underarms, back, chest and bikini line, for hair free skin that lasts longer than shaving. Learn More
  3. Keramene Body Hair Minimizer 180ml


    Keramene suppresses hair growth to reduce shaving, waxing, and other depilatory chores, while it softens remaining hair strands. Regular users enjoy silky skin longer.

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  4. Hair No More Spray 4oz

    A revolutionary hair removal spray made especially for bodybuilders and athletes who are always on the go! Used for larger areas, such as the back, chest, legs and arms. Learn More