Hair Extensions

Change your hairstyle as often as you change your mind with these Clip-in Hair Extensions! These hair extensions are made with the finest quality of human hair or synthetic heat-friendly styleable fibers, available in long and mid-lengths in straight or softly waved textures. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions help you go from long to short hair, or short to long hair in the minutes.

  1. HairDo Styleable Clip in Bangs

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    Made with the newest Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber this hairpiece feels and styles just like your own hair. Can be curled, and curled fiber can be straightened. Wear it as your favourite style bangs or add lift and volume to the crown of your head.

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  2. HairDo 18" Simply Straight Pony

    Adds a long, full, trend-setting pony style in an instant! Made with the amazing Tru2Life fiber, this clever pony can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools for any look. Learn More
  3. HairDo 23" Wavy Wrap Around Pony

    Made with the amazing Tru2Life fiber. Create a show-stopping ponytail by adding in length, body and shine by simply wrapping Hairdo's wavy 23" wrap around ponytail to your own hair. Learn More
  4. HairDo Swept Away Angle Cut Styleable Clip on Bangs

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    Made with the amazing Tru2Life fiber. This effortless fringe is already side-swept and styled. Just clip it in and go for an instant hair transformation. Learn More
  5. HairDo Style-A-Do and Mini-Do Duo Pack

    Made with the amazing Tru2Life fiber. The duo hair wrap pack turns everyday hair into something special. Add an instant updo by simply attaching this duo to your own hair. Learn More
  6. HairDo 18" Textured Wrap Pony

    This patented, versatile hair wrap includes a combination of straight and crimped textures. Wear it high on the head, low on the nape or somewhere in between, depending on your mood. Learn More
  7. HairDo 16 Inch Fineline Extension

    New clip-in 1 piece extension in a lighter, thinner, virtually undetectable way for a more comfortable, natural-looking effect. To create instant color low-lights or high-lights while adding more volume. Learn More
  8. HairDo 18 Inch 8pc Wavy Hair Extension Kit

    Beautiful waves for extra length and volume. This kit includes eight 18 inch long pieces in varying widths. You can use as many or as few of the pieces as you want to create different looks. Learn More
  9. HairDo 23" Wavy Clip-In Extension

    Get this super voluptuous 23" Wavy Extension for hair that's thicker, fuller, longer — and so perfect for stealing the spotlight. Made of Tru2Life synthetic fiber, which is styleable, curled or straightened, by a hot hair tool. Learn More
  10. HairDo 23" Grand Clip-in Extension

    A three-quarter cap clip-in extension with five strategically placed pressure sensitive clips for a secure hold, the HairDo 23" Grand Extension offers gorgeous coverage, volume, and length. Learn More