Hair Towels

  1. AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban

    With the convenience of an easy to fasten turban. Great for curly and delicate hair needing the gentlest treatment. Allowing for hands-free hair drying. Machine washable. Learn More
  2. Aquis Essential Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, Ivory White

    Absorbs excess moisture more quickly, gently and thoroughly than ordinary cotton towels, dramatically reducing blow drying time and leaving you with healthy, shiny hair. Machine washable. Learn More
  3. Aquis Essential Waffle Luxe Hair Towel

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    Waffle Luxe increases surface area from the layered fabric, and great for thicker or longer hair. Dries fast with less friction, to minimize frizz and damage. Learn More
  4. AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Long Hair Towel 19x52"

    Lisse Luxe’s leggy sister. She’s 25% lengthier to help deal gently with long hair that’s also delicate. An ideal towel for longer hair that’s curly, fine, ageing or prone to damage. Learn More
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    Ivory White

    Aquis Essential Waffle Luxe Hair Turban, White

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    All the water wicking performance of Waffle Luxe. With the added convenience of an easy to fasten turban. Great for African and Asian hair and denser hair styles. Learn More
  6. Aquis Lisse Luxe Headband, Ivory White

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    Made of ultra-fine Lisse Luxe Aquitex fibers that quickly wicks away water and provides a soft luxurious feel. Size: 3" x 24". Learn More
  7. Aquis Essentials Microfiber Body Towel, White, 29x55 Inches

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    Enhance your bath experience with this incredibly quick-drying, lightweight microfiber body towel. Woven with fibers finer than silk yet much more absorbent than cotton, the Aquis towel dries quickly, extremely soft and supple.

    Learn More
  8. Aquis Essentials Exfoliating Face & Body Mitt

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    Exfoliating Face & Body Mitt is specially designed to deep clean and polish. Experience the benefits of this two-sided exfoliating cloth that soaps up beautifully while massaging and invigorating your skin. Learn More