Marpac Marsona 1288A Sound Conditioner

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Quick Overview:

The new "top of the line" model. Features the ultimate in sound conditioning. Choose from eight different "base" sounds then mix any combination of eight "overlay" sounds to customize your personal sound environment.


Marpac Sound Conditioner, Marsona 1288A

Serious sound design. Snooze to incredibly realistic sounds played back by a high-quality speaker, built into a carefully engineered housing - all designed to lull you to sleep in the very best sound experience possible.

A collection of digital soundtracks lets you be the maestro of your own dreams. Choose from eight different base sounds, and then program any combination of overlay sounds (from 0 to all 8). The sounds of surf, rain, or lakeshore, accented by an occasional seagull, hawk, or owl, create a tranquility surpassed only by being there.

The Marsona 1288A has user-friendly touch controls and LEDs to highlight selected sounds. Slide controls for tone and volume allow for a range of sound sensations.

Marpac's new "top of the line" model 1288A features the ultimate in sound conditioning. Includes auxiliary jack, touch and slide controls, optional timer, and detachable power supply.


  • Programmable "overlay" sounds
  • Could be used as Sleep Mate or Sound Screen
  • Use in the home/office
  • Optional 60 minute shut-off timer
  • Simple touch button operation
  • 8 Base Sounds: Surf I, Lake Shore, Surf II, Country Eve, White Sound, Thunder Storm, Brook, and Rain
  • 8 Overlay Sounds: Sea Gulls, Frogs, Buoy, Hawk, Loons, Song Birds, Dove, Owl
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Color LED selection indicators
  • SIZE: 5.85" wide x 8.75" deep x 3.12" high (14.86cm x 22.23cm x 7.92cm)
  • SPEAKER: 4 ohm for Acoustic Clarity
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 2 pounds (907 grams), including transformer
  • DISPLAY: Yellow LED indicators for "Base" sounds Green LED indicators for "Overlay" sounds
  • CONTROLS: Soft touch On/Off, Soft touch sound selection, Slide controls for tone & volume, Optional 60 minute shut-off timer.
  • ELECTRICAL: External wall mount transformer (UL, CSA, T

Additional Information

Warranty One year
Country of Manufacture United States

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Ease of Use
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    Review by GEORGEon 2/5/2015
    Marpac Marsona 1288A is a advanced programmable high-end sound conditioner. You can customize the sound by playing two sounds at once, like sea gulls over the ocean. There is plenty of volume and the controls are intuitive if you're used to digital products. The digital recordings are very clear and true-to-life. This is the best sound machine I've found, and I highly recommend use in office, big room, or noiser environment.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by CRYSTAL on 2/5/2015
    Got my machine yesterday and used it last night. The thunderstorm put me AND my boyfriend to sleep quickly. Used the timer and the lack of sound didn't wake me. I can't wait to try the other options.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by FRANK R.on 2/5/2015
    I just received the Marsona 1288A today and I'm using it at my desk right now. Very happy with it so far! I thought when I placed the order I read on your website that the unit came with a free CD with recorded white noise on it. I was hoping to be able to use it at home while keeping the Marsona unit at the office. There was no CD with the package. Thank you!
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by PAULA Son 2/5/2015
    I live in an apartment alongside a busy corridor with lots of big trucks day and night. I need a sound screen loud enough to block out the noise. Fortunately I found this 1288 model, and it works well. The sounds are clear and true-to-life. It is good that I can play two sounds at once - like sea gulls over the ocean. I slid the bass/treble to halfway, and adjust the volume up one quarter to the halfway. It is really a big helper.