Marpac Marsona DS-600A Sound Conditioner

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Marpac bestseller sound machine. Collection of six most favorite sounds. Plug-in or battery powered. New version with dual voltage power for worldwide use sound machine.


Marpac Sound Conditioner, Marsona DS-600A

NEW and improved Marpac Marsona DS-600A Sound Conditioner with worldwide voltage power supply, which replaces the previous International Digital Sound Conditioner, Marsona DSi-600A.

Marpac Sound Conditioners have long been known to help mask disturbing noise that interferes with your ability to sleep, relax, or concentrate on work or studies.

Marsona DS-600A provides six of our most popular sounds to mask noise effectively and surround you with a relaxing environment of soothing "conditioned" sounds. Like a night light for your ears.

Marsona DS-600A is the result of years of experience and working with customers! This unit is just what everyone has been asking for: all of your favorite sounds in one sleek unit. Marpac Marsona DS-600A Sound Conditioner is recommended by more ears, simply a bestseller sound machine.

Now you can enjoy the surf as it meets the sand on the beach, the soothing sounds of a distant thunderstorm, or the steady, constant background of white noise. Relax to a babbling brook, the gentle lapping water at the lakeshore, or the sounds of crickets and spring peepers on a country eve.

Marsona DS-600A is completely portable. It can be plugged in or operated with 4 "AA" batteries, or used with Marsona Battery Pack. New improved version now includes a dual voltage transformer to make the Marsona DS-600A capable of working around the world.


  • 60 minute optional sleep timer - The machine can be turn off after 60 minutes(it keeps playing if the timer is not set)
  • 6 favorite sounds: Lake Shore, Surf, Country Eve, White Sound, Thunder Storm, and Brook
  • Worldwide voltage (a dual voltage transformer included)
  • Plug-in or battery powered option (requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included)
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Could be used as Sleep Mate or Sound Screen
  • Use in the home/office or for travel
  • Push button operation
  • LED selection indicators
  • Compact & lightweight for travel
  • 4 Ohm speaker, for acoustic clarity
  • Solid state electronics
  • Advanced digital technology
  • Size: 7.5"(L) X 5.125"(W) X 2.75"(H)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Color: Platinum Silver
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A

Marpac Sound Conditioner - The Soothing Sounds of Nature at the Touch of a Button!

Now you can enjoy the Surf as it meets the sand of the beach, a calm, gentle rain with the rhythm of a distant thunderstorm, or the steady, constant background of "White Sound". Relax to the sounds of a babbling Brook, the gentle lapping water at the Lakeshore, or the sounds of crickets and spring peepers on a Country Eve. The sounds on the Marsona DS-600A are your favorite and most requested sounds.

Marsona DS-600A is completely portable, and can be operated with four AA batteries (not included). Take the DS-600A wherever you go: hotel room, camping, even in the car. The timer can be set to turn the unit off after sixty minutes if desired.

Whether you want to mask the noise with the "white noise" effect of the Rain or White Sound selections, or enjoy one of the four other sounds of nature; you will quickly find a favorite sound on the Marsona DS-600A.

Marsona Sound Conditioner - A Piece of Nature for Your Peace of Mind

Marsona DS-600A features a collection of our customers' favorite sounds. Bring the sounds of Nature indoors to create your own personal sound environment.

  • Lake Shore - Gentle waves lapping against the shore ... with a steady chorus of crickets in the background;
  • Surf - A natural wave pattern with a multitude of ocean waves diverse in size;
  • Country Eve - Crickets and spring peeper frogs against a background of ambient evening sounds;
  • White Sound - A steady, constant background of white "noise" reminiscent of the roar of Niagara to gently and effectively mask intrusive, unwanted noise;
  • Thunder Storm - Experience the reassuring comforts of feeling safe, warm, and dry as you listen to a calm, gentle rain with a rhythm of distant thunder;
  • Brook - A bubbly flow of water gently tumbling over the rocks of a mountain crevice.


Can be used as Sound Screen and SleepMate.

For home use, aid sleep by masking noises such as street noise, television & stereo, barking dogs, snoring spouse, appliance noise, tinnitus (ringing, buzzing in the ears), noisy neighbors, air traffic, or conversation. Recommended for restless sleepers, shift workers, infants, children, students, apartment dwellers.

For office use, it is useful in your office or study to help mask distracting noise or to provide conversational confidentiality. Recommended for professional/office use to help relax patients of therapists, counselors, dentists, etc, and mask conversations to ensure confidentiality.

Additional Information

Warranty One year
Country of Manufacture United States

Product Authenticity Guaranteed - Fabove guarantees 100% authentic of all products we sell!


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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by RICK HUNTEon 2/5/2015
    The white noise on this really helps me sleep. The sound isn't tinny or static like most of the cheap sound machines.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by ANNE BETHUNEon 2/5/2015
    I purchased this same machine years ago and it still works great. I use it everyday and it has traveled with me everywhere, in hotels, cruises and even camping. When I am not at home and if I should wake up, the sound is very comforting and I can get back to sleep right away. This 2nd machine will be for a family member who is working nights. I only listen to the "white sound" noise but chose this machine because of the built-in battery feature. I did notice that if my Kindle's 3G wireless is on, it will sometimes create an interference noise. (This is not a problem as it reminds me to turn the wireless off). Great little machine!
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by P. MARILYN on 2/5/2015
    I inquired about a sleep machine.. asking for one model if it was carried. FABOVE customer service sent me a link to all products by this manufacture, and particularly recommended this model. This is a machine I had not seen before .. so I ended up upgrading because it seems the one I am looking for. I've used this sound machine for weeks, and both my husband and me love it. Just plug it in to an outlet, and press those buttons, and it starts playing. All six sounds provide good sound quality, and are easily interchangeable. The volume could be adjusted from very low to very very loud. I recommend this sound conditioner, and FABOVE company.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by saadon 2/5/2015
    I purchased two sound machines, this model DS-600A and another model Marpac 980 A. Two works well, but this model has a louder volume. I need bigger volume to screen out the street noise. This model works better in my apartment.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by DARLENE MANCHESTERon 2/5/2015
    I ordered this one day and received it the next. Very impressed with the speed of delivery. It is exactly what I wanted to escape the noise of apartment living.
  • Overall
    Ease of Use
    Price / Value
    Review by NASEEM C on 2/5/2015
    It is wonderful sound machine with a reasonable price. It comes with 6 sounds, and the sounds are very realistic. I like the surf and lake shore best.