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I have used an Epilady coil epilator for ten years. Even though it still works well, I'm considering to have a new model. Could you tell me more about your new epilator?


In 1986, EPILADY launched the first electric hair remover, and secured its leading position in the market of hair removal within a short period.

The first generation of Epilady used rotating coils to grasp hair and pull it out by the root. With a big success on removing hair, it also comes with some disadvantages. After a couple of years, the tension in the coil drops, and therefore it does not work as well as before. Another drawback was that the coil caused some pinching of the skin with many users.

Now Epilady deploys a new technology, rotating rows of tweezers, and develops a new line of epilators, including a rechargeable epilator Legend, Epic, corded Epic Chic, and Duet with epilating and shaving heads.

The Epilady Legend, and all the new line of Epilators from Epilady removes the hair better, or at least as well, as the original coil units. Basically, the new line does the same thing as the old coil epilators, namely grabbing the hair and tearing the out by the root, but it does it in a different way. Instead of a coil closing in on the hairs, pairs of tweezers do it. In fact, the feedback we are getting from the old coil users is that it causes less discomfort and works better than the old model, before they replaced it.

Back by popular demand, the Epilady launches a new facial hair epilator with its famous coil-epilation system, Esthetic, which is specifically designed for use on fine facial hair.


I've used your new Epilady Legend for a few times, but found it's not very effective. Any tips?


The epilator head is comprised of little tweezers that open and close. The head will spin, tweezers will open, grab the hair, close, and pull the hair from the root. The tweezers all close at one point on the head. While the machine is turned off, spin the head with a finger, and you will see the tweezers open and closing.

If the machine isn't held at the correct angle where the tweezers close and clamp down on the hair, the hairs are cut, not going to be removed.

How to find the correct angle: hold the machine so that the head is touching the skin and the machine is being held straight up in the air. Then you need to tilt the machine just a little towards you. It will then be held at an 80 degree angle. No longer at a 90 degree angle.

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Epilady Legend 4 - Voted as 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Hair Removal Products.

Remember their coil epilator of the 80s? It’s still in their collection, along with countless other epilators for the face and body, most with individual electric tweezers to remove each hair. Epilady Legend 4 Rechargeable (shown above) is their best selling model that removes hair from arms, legs, underarms, bikini and face with claims of 32,000 tweezes per minute. Other features include two operating speeds, a perfect angle guide to help remove hair at the best position, and a charge that lasts up to 80 minutes.

Epilady Legend - Not too bad. No pain, just an annoyance while the tweezers pulled the hair from the follicle. Yes, it worked and it worked well. After the initial annoying sting, it was fine. I am not going to say it was pain free but no worse than waxing. The only downfall was it did take much longer than if I had just gone to get waxed. Nonetheless, it worked. I did notice that the finer hair was not as easy to remove. I had to go over the area a few times to make sure I got each and every hair. I also had some breakage of the hair above the skin. I noticed this happened when I was hurrying and going too fast. The Bottom Line: Epilady Legend is a fine machine to remove hair between waxing or instead of shaving. It’s newly designed and less painful than the older model. - by Nicole Fierro