Agiva Hair Styling Wax 175 ml

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Agiva Hair Styling Wax 175ml

Biowax Perfect Hair Styling Wax creates desired styles for your hair with a long lasting shine. Wet hair gives less hold with more shine and dry hair gives more hold with less shine. Pomade is perfect for all types of hair including those with naturally dry hair.

  • 01 Orange Wet - Wet Look
  • 02 Blue Strong - Strong Hold
  • 03 Green Matte - Matte Finish
  • 04 Black Extra - Extra Strong Hold
  • 05 Red Gum - Gummy Wax
  • 06 Super Clay - Super Hard Fibre Texture Clay Wax
  • 07 Strong Clay - Strong Hard Fibre Texture Clay Wax
  • 08 Gold Cream - Medium Pomade Cream Wax
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