Bed Head Showdown Hairspray 5.5oz

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Anti-frizz. Strong hold.

Bed Head Showdowns is an epic anti-frizz hairspray! This hair spray fights frizz, combats humidity and delivers a long-lasting smooth finish. The hairspray has a firm, 3 out of 5, hold and a natural finish. For frizz-free styles all day! Showdown is a compressed hairspray meaning it uses 56% less packaging and lasts as long as your usual 10.6 oz can.

Formulated with High Hold Polymers that add hold, give humidity resistance and control frizz and flyaway, and Plasticizer that provides hairstyles with a strong hold and humidity resistance for a long-lasting smooth finish. Features an exotic tropical fragrance.

Use directions

Spray 10-12 inches from finished style for the same time as you would using your usual 10.6 oz hairspray can. Apply liberally and evenly to lock your look or smooth flyways.

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