BEX Professional Heat Style Wand 1"

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BEX Professional Heat Styling Wand

Bex Professional Heat Curling Iron/ Styling Wand (1" inch) is quick, simple and easy to use to create the beautiful locks of hair. Perfect for creating medium to large curls and long-lasting waves. Bex is defining a new era of engineering luxury tools.

New package with Dark Grey color barrel.


  • Salon grade quality engineered for performance on demand.
  • Only wand with dual heaters form maximum heat.
  • Two temperature settings for all hair types 410F (190C) and 430F (220C).
  • Ceramic tourmaline wand promotes smoother, silkier hair.
  • Negative ions maintain healthy hair.
  • Safety cool tip.
  • Heat glove included.
  • For all hair types.
  • Used with 120-240V worldwide voltage
  • One year warranty

Style Tips

Simply twist hair around the Style Wand to creatge long-lasting curls or waves in half the time of a traditonal curling iron.

General curling:

    1. take 2-inch sections and stretch tight
    2. with other hand, position the base of the Style Wand near the roots with the tip angled down
    3. begin to wrap the hair around the base of the wand, overlapping the last turn towards the tip
    4. using the supplied safety gloves, hold for 3-4 seconds and slide the barrel up and out of curl
    5. allow the curl to cool before styling

For Tighter Curls:

Repeat general curling steps with smaller than 2 inch sections. The smaller the section, the tighter the curls. Hold hair for a slightly longer time. Do not exceed 6 seconds.

For Softer Curls:

Repeat general curling steps with 2 inch or larger sections, holding for 4 seconds or less. Immediately stretch out the burl by gently pulling on the ends of the hair.

For Waves:

Repeat general curling steps b taking horizontal panels 4-5 inches wide and 1-2 inches thick depending on desired look. Allow hair to fully cool. Gently stretch out the curl by pulling on the ends or simply brush out hair using a wide toothed comb for a softer wave.

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