Denman Pin Tail Comb C006SXCD

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Denman Pin Tail Comb

Dincontinued. Please select the similar Hercules Hard Rubber 9" Pin Tail Comb.

This exceptional Pin Tail Comb has been designed to the highest standards of precision and quality. Maximum manageability is achieved with this precision pin tail comb - perfect for finishing off a style and ideal for making fine adjustments as the teeth are closely spaced.

Denman product code: C006SXCD.


  • Fine tooth pattern is great for making fine adjustments and creating smoothness when finishing any hair style
  • The metal tail is ideal for sectioning, weaving, and/or lifting teased hair
  • The extra large size is perfect for sectioning, combing, and controlling heavy, thick and coarse hair
  • Wide and narrow-spaced teeth allow for more control when styling
  • Made with carbon fiber that provides strength and flexibility
  • High-tech lightweight carbon allows the comb to conduct static electricity, making it genuinely anti-static
  • Polished teeth with rounded tips, no sharp edges and smooth finish safeguard the hair from being pulled and broken when combed. Combs are gentle to the hair and scalp
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Made in Italy
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