Denman XL Wave & Styling Comb C001SXCD

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Denman Extra-Large Carbon Fiber Wave & Styling Comb

This exceptional extra large wave and styling comb has been designed to the highest standards of precision and quality. The wide flat-edged teeth are not only strong and fairly flexible, but the straight edges assist in a clean cut. Equipped with wide and narrow spaced teeth.

Denman product code: C001SXCD.


  • The extra large size is perfect for sectioning, combing, and controlling heavy, thick and coarse hair
  • Made with carbon fiber that provides strength and flexibility
  • Strong, flexible and anti-static
  • Polished teeth with rounded tips, no sharp edges and smooth finish safeguard the hair from being pulled and broken when combed. Combs are gentle to the hair and scalp
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Wide and narrow-spaced teeth allow for more control when styling
  • High-tech lightweight carbon allows the comb to conduct static electricity, making it genuinely anti-static
  • Made in Italy
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