Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator 803-10

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Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator

Back by popular demand, the Epilady Esthetic is specifically designed for use on fine facial hair. It has a small epilating head and ensures precise control, and removes hair efficiently.

Epilady's new facial hair remover with its famous coil-epilation system.


  • Epilady's famous coil-epilation system
  • Very compact, quiet, easy to use and very efficient.
  • Small epilating head ensures precise control.
  • Safe & delicate on skin.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate & clean.
  • Operated by 2 AA batteries (not included)

Usage Tips

    1. Always use the esthetic after you have thoroughly washed and cleansed your face – you need to remove all make-up and cream build-up before you start epilating.
    2. It would be advised to dip the cleaning brush in rubbing alcohol (or Witch Hazel) and to lightly brush the epilating head. Let it dry up completely before using it. The idea is to make the face and the machine as free as possible from any substance that might make the tweezing less efficient.
    3. Most important of all – the angle. Hold the machine on your face so that it is next to your skin all the way down the head. This will be like putting your index finger on your face, but touching with the whole finger, and not just the tip. The epilating happens on the inner loop of the coil. If you look at the Esthetic, you will see that it needs to be flush against the face for it to work right. If you are holding it so that the tip only is touching, it will not remove hair – the tweezers are not yet closed, so they do not grab the hair. This is like using regular tweezers for your eyebrows, and pulling back before you close them all the way. That won’t work.
    4. Do not press down on the skin. Hold the epilator lightly over the epilated are. Pressing down will reduce efficiency, as it makes it virtually impossible for the epilator to grab the hair.
    5. Do not hold it stationary over one place for too long. The coil rotates at a high speed, and the friction with the skin will cause a heating sensation.
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