Hairfor2 Colored Hair Thickener Spray 400ml

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Hairfor2 Hair Thickener Spray 400ml

100ml and 200ml size can be found here.

Hairfor2 is a water-resistant, colored Hair thickener for Men and Women with hair loss, thinning hair and bald spots.

With the advantage of years in research and development Hairfor2 has been carefully designed so that the microscopic Hairfor2-Hairparticles strongly attach and fuse themselves to the remaining hair strains; these microscopic Hairfor2-Hairparticles are also water-resistant. Hairfor2 provides a powerful, full head of hair in just a few minutes. Hairfor2 has been tested in clinics worldwide and is recommended by plastic surgeons even after hair transplants. Hairfor2 is even used by makeup artists from the film and stage industry. Even under intense studio lighting Hairfor2 cannot be distinguished from your real hair by the naked eye, even from nearby.

Is your hair thinning out and showing bald spots? Are you unhappy with this situation?

Hairfor2 gives you self esteem and rejuvenates your appearance in minutes. Hairfor2 is a sensational, water-resistant Hair volumizer and thickener with incredible effect for active men and women that delivers what it promises.

Hairfor2 is resistant to moisture and perspiration. With Hairfor2 you can perform your every day workout and enjoy a walk even on windy days. Even sunshine and bright disco light shows will reveal no bald spots or thinning hair.

Hairfor2 is recommended worldwide by leading hair specialists and hair surgeons. Hairfor2 is completely harmless to your hair.

Our Hairfor2 Hair volumizer and thickener is available in 10 basic colors and is complemented by a special anti-Residue Shampoo specially designed to work in conjunction with Hairfor2.

Use Directions

Spray in short bursts of 2 seconds about 20 cm from your head. Apply with a sweeping motion to avoid soaking. To achieve a natural looking front hairline start with the application approx. 1-2 cm behind your forehead hairline. Repeat application until desired thickening is achieved.

DO NOT touch your hair for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the product to dry completely and avoid getting dye on your hands. Then style your hair as usual.

Application Tips

  • Before using a new large can, place the can UPSIDE DOWN for at least 24 hours to help color blending.
  • Shake Hairfor2 vigorously for about 20 seconds before use and periodically (5-10 seconds) during use.
  • To stabilize the hair and give it the final touches apply a good hair lacquer spray to all areas treated with Hairfor2.
  • As Hairfor2 is water-resistant, a clarifying shampoo is recommended for complete removal of previous applications.
  • Use a wide tooth comb or a coarse brush, moving from the hairline to the tips, to style your hair. Avoid applying by hand and getting dye on your hands.
  • Remove any Hairfor2 overspray off your forehead with a cotton pad soaked in cleaning face lotion.
  •  To prevent clogging, rinse the nozzle thoroughly with warm water after use!

- Hair Loss Concealers.

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