KQC Professional Hyperion Dual Ionic Hair Dryer

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KQC Professional Hyperion Dual Ionic Hair Dryer was discontiuned. We recommend the similar but more advanced FITI Kolii 9000i Turbo Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer.

KQC Hyperion Ionic Hair Dryer is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly dryer. With half the energy consumption of normal dryers, and 2 times faster dryer, it blows the competition away. KQC introduces new ceramic core technology which allows for faster drying, resulting in silky and captivating results.

Quiet and light-weight DC motor dryer. Optimal air speed for easier styling without blowing out of control.

Features and Benefits

  • AC 120V 60Hz 1800 watts
  • Faster drying while increases moisture in the hair!
  • Choose between Positive and Negative ions - Positive ion opens hair cuticles for easier styling; Negative ion dries hair faster by breaking apart water molecules leaving hair silky
  • Quiet and light-weight DC motor, 432g only
  • Optimal wind speed for easier styling without blowing out of control
  • Super hot heat from true ceramic coil
  • 3 speeds: Off/Low/High
  • 3 heat settings: Cool/Warm/Hot
  • Soothing Cool Shot
  • Concentrator nozzle and diffuser included
  • Extra-long cord 3.5 meters
  • Easy open screen vent with Anti-Microbial coating for clean fungi free air flow
  • Made in Korea
  • One year warranty

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