Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Treatment 15ml

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Nailtiques Formula 2 treats nails that are naturally soft, peeling, split or just won't grow. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling. It also assists in strengthening the nail to grow long, strong and healthy.

Nailtiques Formula 2 - Treatment - For soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails.

Nailtiques Protein Formulas were created for different nail conditions. The salon tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium. The protein formula bonds the nail layers together, building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.


For initial treatment, apply one coat without nail polish. Reapply daily over existing coats of protein until your nails improve and feel stronger. As your nails improve, apply every other day. Remove protein weekly or as necessary (3-4 days) with Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover. If wearing polish, apply as a base coat and then as a top coat every other day. Remove weekly with Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover.

Note: It is not recommended to use any polish or nail products which contain hardeners in conjunction with your prescribed formula as it may alter results.


    • Turn bottle upside down and roll between the palms of your hands to blend ingredients. This will prevent air bubbles which could prevent nail protein from adhering properly to the nail.
    • Apply one thin coat of nail protein. For best, results, wash nails with soap and water to assure the nail is free from any substances (oil, creme, etc.) which may prevent your nail protein from adhering properly.
    • Allow hands to lay flat for 30 seconds to allow the protein to set and prevent it from rolling onto the cuticle.
    • Per your prescribed instructions, reapply over existing coats of protein and /or color polish.


    • Remove Nail Protein with Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover.
    • Wash nails thoroughly with soap and water prior to application.


Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Toluene, Nitrocellulose, Tosylamide Formaidehyde Resin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dibutyl Phthalate, Acrylic Resin, Formalin, Hydrolyzed Protein, Calcium, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Gelatin.

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