Nanogen Scalproller Sanitizing Solution Micro-Film Protection Spray 100ml

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Nanogen Scalproller Sanitizer

Clean the Scalproller quickly and conveniently. Easy to use sanitizing spray ensures the Scalproller is clean and ready to use.


  • Easy to Apply - Simply spray all over the Scalproller barrel and needles, and allow to dry. There is no need to rinse.
  • Quick Drying - The light formula quickly evaporates leaving the roller dry and prepared. The rapid drying also cools the needles for more comfortable use.
  • Complete Formula - The Scalproller Sanitising Solution is all you need to keep your roller clean and sanitary for use.

Use Directions

  • Always apply immediately before and after using your Scalproller
  • Holding the bottle upright, spray the Scalproller barrel liberally from a distance of approximately 2cm.
  • Allow the Scalproller to dry before use, a small residue may be left on the roller.
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