Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask GTS-2000

Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask, GTS-2000Are you one of the millions of people...
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Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask GTS-2000

Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask GTS-2000


Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask GTS-2000


Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep - Sleep Therapy Mask, GTS-2000

Are you one of the millions of people struggling every night with insomnia or sleeping difficulties? Do you go to bed dreading yet another night of restless frustration? Is your mind filled with chatter and troublesome stressful thoughts?

Sound Oasis has a great solution. You can now switch off your mind and return to a natural sleep with this revolutionary Deluxe Glo to Sleep™ – Sleep Therapy Mask.

This lightweight and comfortable DELUXE sleep mask offers a natural and drug-free solution that works with your body to encourage healthy sleep. Regular use retrains your mind to enable a return to deep, natural and restorative sleep.

The Problem: Trying to slow brain activity, to the alpha wave state with meditation, takes practice and concentration, and is difficult to do when your mind is racing and you need to sleep.

The Deluxe Glo to Sleep Solution: The GTS-2000 Glo to Sleep was designed to create a powerful focusing effect so you can easily reach the relaxed alpha wave state. Simply . . . turn your mind off!

Sleep masks have been used for centuries to block out sleep distractions such as movement and light. Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep Mask takes this concept to the next level incorporating strategically placed blue lights inside to help calm your mind. This sleep mask's patent pending technology will help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling rested. Whether you're on a plane, in a hotel or at home, let the Sound Oasis Deluxe Glo to Sleep Mask guide you to a place of relaxation and rest, free from external distractions and an over active mind.

New Deluxe Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask with Precise Brightness and Dimming Control

Adjust brightness with 3 auto dim options:

  • ramp down in 10 minutes

  • ramp down in 20 minutes

  • ramp down in 30 minutes


  • Dimensions: 3.25"Widthe x 11"Length

  • Blocks out motion and external light

  • Internal strategically placed blue Glo lights help calm the mind

  • Builds on the ancient wisdom of meditation and a third eye focus point

  • Glo lights are charged by a light source in just 60 seconds

  • Adjustable Velcro strap

  • No batteries or wires are needed

  • Unique, lightweight, breathable foam means that the mask is feather-light when worn and comfortable to wear all night long

  • A soft adjustable Velcro® strap fits all head sizes

  • Made with hypoallergenic foam

  • Great for travelers too as eye-make up won't smudge and you won't wake up with a sleep-mask pattern on your face.

How it Works

If you're not sleeping due to an over active mind you need a way to help calm the mind so your body can enter a state of relaxation and fall asleep. The Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Mask uses the centuries old concept of mediation with a focus point know as your third eye or "spiritual eye". Unlike meditation, the Glo to Sleep mask is easy to use. When the eyes are focused upwards on the precise pattern of blue glow, the brain stops receiving orienting information, and enters a state of mental relaxation.

Blue Points of Glo inside the mask help you focus your mind on the process of relaxation and sleep – naturally and effectively. This meditative approach calms your mind and effectively moves it to a relaxed state.

Glo to Sleep effectively blocks out unwanted external light allowing you to more easily get to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy higher quality sleep. Recessed eye pieces block out all outside light and allow the eyes to blink normally.

Use Directions

STEP 1 - Activate the Points of Glo by exposing them to a light source for about 30 seconds.

STEP 2 - Settle into a comfortable sleeping position, adjusting your Glo to Sleep mask position as necessary so you can see the four (4) Points of Glo and no external light. Align the Glo to Sleep to see four Points of Glo. Lie back and relax.

STEP 3 - Look up at the Points of Glo (the highest Points of Glo that you can). Use a relaxed gaze. You may blink.

STEP 4 - Take long, abdominal breaths. Let everything else relax while you inhale all the way and your lungs fill with air as your belly extends outward. Then exhale slowly and squeeze everything out of your lungs. Wait a few seconds and repeat this cycle.

Breathe IN - 1... 2... 3... 4... Breathe OUT - 1... 2... 3... 4... Keep your eyes open, looking up at a Point of Glo.


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