Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System

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Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System

Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System is the best and most advanced sound machine in the world! Combining unsurpassed, high fidelity sound reproduction with an exceptional offering of sound machine and clock radio features, Sound Oasis Deluxe bathes your room with authentic sounds of nature.


  • Fall asleep easier
  • Get higher quality sleep
  • Experience relief from tinnitus
  • Enhance concentration
  • eel more alert throughout the day

Drawing on 25 years of sleep research and developed in conjunction with world-renowned sleep expert Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the Sound Oasis S-5000 is one of the only white noise sound conditioners that provides hospital proven sleep and tinnitus therapy.

The Sound Oasis S-5000 produces true professional quality sound. With three speakers, including a subwoofer located at the base of the machine, the S-5000 generates white noise, nature, and sound therapy sounds that are full, rich, and clear. Sound Oasis S-5000 has 24 main sounds & 5 mix sounds creating 145 amazing sound environment possibilities. You can play each of the 24 main sounds or mix sounds separately (e.g. ocean surf with the auxiliary sound of seagulls or ocean surf with thunderstorm, and etc.)

  • Nature Sounds(digitally recorded in the wild by the world's leading nature recorders) - Ocean surf, north woods, thunderstorm, white noise, night train, spring rain, island surf, bonfire, stream, hidden cove, wind, Asian garden, song birds, harbor swell, bamboo chimes, summer night, cooling fan, rain forest, meditation, Hawaiian surf, ocean rain, island stream, heartbeat, secluded lake;
  • Auxiliary Sounds (designed for playback in combination with all of the sounds except the memo sound) - Seagulls, song birds, thunder storm, fog horn and loons.

Powered by an AC adapter (included), the Sound Oasis S-5000 will play your chosen sounds all through the night without interruption. Alternatively, if you just need sound blocking while you're trying to get to sleep, the S-5000 can soothe you to sleep with 30, 60, and 90 minute sleep timers -- so you can set your favorite sounds to play while you drift off, and when the sleep timer runs out, the S-5000's "gentle off" feature smoothly reduces the volume so the transition from sound to silence won't disturb your sleep.

The Sound Oasis S-5000 is also a fully-featured AM/FM radio alarm clock. The S-5000's AM/FM stereo radio has 3 presets to store your favorite stations. A standard headphone/speaker audio output jack lets you to listen to the radio or your favorite sound therapy sounds via headphones. Additionally, a standard audio input jack allows you to play music from your CD/MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, or other smart phone through the S-5000's high quality speakers! The display on the front of the machine shows a backlit, easy-to-read, dual 12/24 hour clock and digital calendar, and 3 alarms help ensure you will wake up on time in the morning.

With so many features and a truly incredible library of authentic therapy sounds, the S-5000 Deluxe Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System is by far the most outstanding white noise machine available today.


    • 145 authentic nature sound possibilities: 24 main sounds & 5 mix sounds allow you to customize your sound environment
    • Ideal for sleeping, relaxation, noise masking, and concentration
    • Helps manage tinnitus, calm infants, and improve privacy
    • Natural, hospital proven sleep and tinnitus therapy
    • Sound therapy frequencies coax your brain to enter healthy states of sleep and relaxation
    • Professional sound quality - 3 speakers (including subwoofer)
    • AM/FM stereo radio with 3 presets
    • Backlit dual 12/24 hour clock with 3 alarms and digital calendar
    • Sleep Enhancement® technology
    • 4 position timer: 30, 60, or 90 minutes with "gentle off"
    • Memory button recalls last sound(s) played
    • Headphone/speaker audio out jack
    • CD/MP3/Music Phone audio in jack
    • Powered by AC adapter (included)
    • One Year Warranty

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