Spectral.CBD 60ml - Leaked package

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Note: The package exhibits signs of leakage, potentially due to an insecure seal and/or a loose cap. The expiration date printed on the box is 02/24.


Spectral.CBD HAIR DENSITY SERUM WITH CBD + Nanoxidil® 5%.


  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Topical treatment with 5% Nanoxidil
  • Blocks DHT and free testosterone
  • Improves the health of the scalp
  • Water based formula
  • Frontoparietal area and vertex
  • For men and women in alopecia with an inflammatory origin such as alopecia areata

Use directions

Shake well before use. Apply six sprays twice per day directly on the affected area. Rub in the liquid evenly. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after use. This is a leave-in treatment that should not be rinsed after application. Use regularly as directed, without interruption, for optimal hair growth. For best results, use Revita Shampoo & Conditioner to increase the efficacy of your treatment.


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