Velecta Paramount Era Ionic Tourmaline & Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Velecta Paramount E/R/A Ionic, Tourmaline & Ceramic Luxury Hair Dryer

Embrace the future with Velecta Paramount E/R/A Ionic, Tourmaline & Ceramic Luxury Hair Drye: Precision Engineering + Custom Ergonomic Design + Visionary + Energy Smart Technology.

This versatile dryer transforms effortlessly from a compact-size tool into a full size with the extra long nozzle and again into a mini-size travel dryer, so you can slip the handcrafted French beauty tool into your overnight bag for off-site gigs and weekend escapes, ensuring that fabulous hair is always within reach.


    • AC125V 1600 watts
    • 2 speed, 2 heat, cool shot with On/Off button
    • Built-in ion generator with On/Off switch
    • Ultra lightweight (390g / 14oz)
    • Hot and powerful airflow (125 km/hr / 78 mph)
    • Nozzle included
    • Cool Air Flex® barrel extension + integrated nozzle
    • Advanced Noise Reduction® technology
    • Unique On/Off Ion Generator Switch provides versatile styling options for all types of hair
    • A built-in ion generator releases millions of negative ions to dry hair faster, lock in natural moisture and eliminate frizz
    • Tourmaline & ceramic technologies
    • Tourmaline & ceramic, natural sources of negative ions and far infrared heat, dry hair from the inside out, adding a healthy shine and a smooth finish
    • Cool Air FLEX barrel extension with integrated nozzle gives a second grip position
    • Converts into travel size
    • Energy Smart® technology with unique dual filtration system reduces dust / dirt build-up and saves energy by up to 90%
    • Ultra quiet technology reduces noise pollution in salons and at home
    • 10’ (3 m) professional length tangle free cord with hangloop
    • One year warranty
    • Made in France
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