Velecta Paramount TGR 3600i Hair Dryer

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Velecta Paramount Paris TGR 3600IC Hair Dryer

The smallest but powerful professional blow dryer in the world. The TGR 3600C delivers power and the airflow of the biggest and heaviest dryers. This mighty dryer provides the minimum weight and noise, while delivering maximum benefits. Ideal for short, fine or thin hair.


    • 125V 1600 Watts
    • Small, lightweight, mighty and powerful blow dryer
    • Quiet performance, only 67 db
    • Weighs 11.3 oz, 350 gram
    • Superb Airflow: 120 km/h (75 mph)
    • 2 speed + 2 temperature settings (total 4 heat setting combinations), plus cool shot button
    • Measures less than 6 inches long
    • Dual function ON/OFF ion cenerator switch for sleek or voluminous styles
    • Unique dual filtration system reduces wasted energy consumption by 70%
    • Patented ergonoumic design for efforless control and styling comfort
    • Longlife DC motor
    • Packaged with 2 nozzles; one for fast drying, the other for precision work(74 mm x 10 mm, 64 mm x 11 mm)
    • Shock and heat resistant body
    • 9’ (2.7 m) power cord with hang loop
    • One year warranty
    • Handcrafted in France

The TGR 3600C from France features a breakthrough design that has blown away the professional world of hairstyling.

TGR 3600C hair dryer is an ultra compact, lightweight dryer with a patented ergonomic design for both right-or-left handed stylists. It has a shorter barrel to increase visibility and a more powerful airflow.

Hair Stylists' comments

"Customers are grabbing this dryer out of my hands and insisting that it leaves with them"

"Stylists who are fed up with big clumsy dryers will love this model"

The TGR 3600 dries hair just as quickly as my most powerful regular sized dryer!"

"There is no more strain on my arm or my back. This a dryer that I can use all day."

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