Personal Grooming

Men's Personal Grooming Products
  1. 003 DEUXER 6G Aqual Gel Wax 80g

    A firm holding gel wax that creates a wet look & shine. Learn More
  2. 003 DEUXER 5s Hard Smooth Wax 80g

    A hard holding wax that keeps smooth 3D dimensional shapes. Learn More
  3. 003 DEUXER 6 Dry Paste Wax 80g

    Though intense in setting action, it creates a dry and lightweight texture. Learn More
  4. 003 DEUXER 5 Hard Wax 80g

    Intense setting action allows this strong hold wax to create daring styles. Learn More
  5. 003 DEUXER 4 Medium Hard Wax 80g

    A medium hold wax designed to keep style in place and also creates lift at the roots. Learn More