Personal Grooming

Men's Personal Grooming Products
  1. Johnny B Ultra Bar Soap 4oz

    A luxurious hygiene bar that cleanses the skin with an indulgent, creamy lather. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh. Learn More
  2. Johnny B Shampoo Paste 3.3oz

    Invigorates and refreshes as it deeply cleanses. Also used as a smooth shave. Learn More
  3. Johnny B PM After Shave 3.3oz

    Start your night with this seductive compilation of Juniperberry, Violet, and Musk. Learn More
  4. Johnny B. Beard Balm 2oz

    Conditions your beard while giving you the perfect amount of beard control. Learn More
  5. Johnny B Brush Set

    Perfect for styling and adding volume to any hairstyle, and is made with ball tipped bristles that are spaced out to prevent pulling of the hair. Learn More
  6. Johnny B Shave Cream 3.3oz

    An intensely rich, high performance shaving cream that ensures the smoothest, friction-free shave possible while preventing razor bumps, burns, and irritation. Learn More