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SunRise Digital Alarm Clock, Charcoal 88630

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Quick Overview:

New and improved SunRise Clocks. Gently wakes you to a simulated sunrise or helps fall asleep to a simulated sunset. Programmable features include the ability to set different dawn and dusk cycles, brightness controls, an automatic night light, "snooze" and more.


SunRise Digital Alarm Clock

SunRise Alarm Clocks stimulate the effects of a sunrise, slowly increasing light to wake the sleeper gently and naturally. The clock's light slowly begins to shine 30 minutes before your wake-up time, gradually illuminating the room and becoming brighter until it is time for you to awaken.

Not only is waking up to a stimulated sunrise more pleasant than waking to the loud buzzer of a traditional alarm clock, but recent studies suggest that waking up gradually helps you start the day in a better mood and feeling more refreshed.

Alternatively, the Sunrise clock's gradual sunset feature gives your body the signal to wind down, helping you fall asleep to a simulated sunset.

The SunRise Clock is derived from medical research on light and human behavior. In the early morning, the biological clock is sensitive to low intensity light. So, waking to a slowly increasing light can result in a smoother, more natural transition to wakefulness. It features an audible back-up alarm, the ability to set dawn and dusk cycles of 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes, fade to nightlight, adjustable display brightness and more. Comes with hand made opal glass globe.


  • Gradual sunrise wakes you up gently and naturally
  • Gradual sunset gives your body the signal to wind down, helping you to fall asleep
  • Optional backup beeper and power failure backup for reassurance
  • Dimmable bedside lamp for reading or soft lighting
  • Intelligent LCD display fades to very low level when you want to sleep
  • Opal glass globe emits quality light
  • 12 / 24 hour mode
  • Power fail backup on all function
  • Security light when your away from home - Lamp can be programmed to turn on and off at random intervals during the evening to give the impression the house is occupied
  • Specifications: E-12 candelabra bulb, 60 watt incandescent, 120 Volt AC
  • Dimensions: 10" wide x 7" tall x 7" deep
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Use Directions

Use the program (P) button to scroll through the clock's menu options: Set alarm time, Set time, 12/24 hour mode, Display brightness, Sunrise length, Sunset length, Nitelite on/off, and Security mode. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to change settings and also to manually turn on and dim the light for general use. Press the (A) button so it is in the out position to activate the alarm. Other features include: Snooze, demo mode, power failure backup, auto shut off.

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

All SunRise clocks come with one year manufacturers warranty covering all parts and labor except bulbs and batteries. If the product needs service, please contact the manufacturer at 301-961-5940, or by email at Info @ to make arrangements for the product to be repaired or replaced. When sending back the product, please remove the glass dome and light bulb, return the base of the clock only. Please include a copy of invoice, a brief note explaining the problem, and your contact information.

Additional Information

Warranty One year by the Manufacturer
Country of Manufacture China

Product Authenticity Guaranteed - Fabove guarantees 100% authentic of all products we sell!


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