Which Spectral is best for you?

How can I know which Spectral is best for my hair? How to know which spectral formula is good? How can I determine which formula or formulas I need to use to regrow my hair?

DS Laboratories has developed a series of Spectral topical hair treatments for all types of hair loss and thinning hair in men and women. Here we compare these Spectral formulas and help you select the best one for you.

Spectral.DNC.N Spectral.DNC.N Men and women
The world's first treatment with Nanoxidil
Dramatically increases hair density and promotes the overall health of the scalp
Designed to surpass the efficacy of minoxidil therapy
Minoxidil Free
Specral.RS Spectral.RS Men and women
Even distribution of hair thinning
Early/moderate stage of loss/thinning
Allergy to minoxidil
Pregnancy or breast-feeding
Conflict with blood-pressure medication
Spectral CSF Spectral.CSF For women only
Supports follicle health with critical nutrients
Stays light on the hair and gentle on the scalp
Women’s anti-aging therapy for thinning hair
avoid heavy buildup
Spectral F7 Spectral.F7 Men and women
First treatment to incorporate astressin-B, a complex peptide (protein) formula
Optimal for cases of thinning hair that result when stress hormones are over-expressed
Compatible when used in combination with other therapies like Spectral.DNC
Effective as a stand-alone treatment
Spectral DNC S Spectral.DNC S Men and women
Advanced stages of hair loss
Unique dual-chamber system
Breakthrough Hair Support System
Spectral.DNC-L   Men only
Advanced stages of hair loss
Large areas of scalp with no hair
Receding hairline
Spectral.DNC   For men:
Beginning or moderate stage of hair loss
Receding hairline
Eyebrow regrowth

For women:
Severe or visually noticeable stage of hair loss
Eyebrow regrowth



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