Zielonka Smell Killer XL Air Cleanser with Blue Glass Bowl K40001

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Quick Overview:

The extra large and powerful smellkiller XL can remove the most stubborn odors for rooms up to 430 sq. ft. Clears the air of all odors including cigarettes, animals, sweat and mold. Includes cobalt glass bowl.


Zielonka Smell Killer XL Air Cleanser with Cobalt Glass Bowl, from Zielonka Germany

The powerful smell killer XL can remove the most stubborn odors in areas up to 430 square feet! No more rooms that reek of stale cigarettes, burnt food, pets, sweat, or mold. It even clears the air in spaces that have been freshly painted or sprayed with insecticide. The innovative, trendy and slip-resistant rubber bowl fits perfectly the size and shape of the XL Smellkiller. It sits comfortably in the hollow and the three nubs located at the bottom of the bowl allow the Smellkiller to work most effectively.

SmellKiller XL includes a patented stainless steel alloy disc (diameter 3-1/4") and a 6 3/4’’ diameter, 1" height, square, blue glass bowl. Both are dishwasher safe.

The big brother of the Classic Smellkiller works without chemicals and eliminates odors in rooms up to  430 square feet (20' x 21').

Rather than masking bad odors with perfumes or chemicals, the Smellkiller XL air cleanser uses the simple ingredients of water, air, and steel to neutralize them instead. The design is terrifically simple, yet powerful enough to affect up to 430 square feet, making it useful throughout the house. It lasts forever, as long as there is water in the bowl, and never rusts. Simple in appearance and relatively unobtrusive, the set can be placed on any flat surface. It measures seven inches square, is ready to use, and can be washed in the dishwasher, should lime build up.


  • Removes bad odors, anywhere: Kitchen, pet areas (litter box, dog pillow), nursery (diaper pail), refirgerator, closet, home gym, family room, basement, garage, smoking area, office, dorm, RV, vacation home, laundry room, bathroom. It even lifts smells from your hands!
  • Proven - Never rusts or loses its power, guaranteed to work
  • Effective - doesn't mask odors, it neutralizes odors
  • Safe: air cleanser works without chemicals, sprays or electric current so its safe around children and pets
  • Economical: works using only water and air
  • Portable: works wherever odors are, easy to move and can be place anywhere you need it
  • Attractive: sleek, stainless steel design looks great on its own or can be integrated into a centerpiece
  • For rooms up to 430 square feet.
  • Patented - Made in Germany. Certified by a German Government Testing Laboratory.

Use Directions

For rooms with up to 430 sq. ft.

Simply fill the bowl with tap water and keep the smellkiller disc partially immersed in water. That's all! The smellkiller, together with air and water, causes the odor molecules to disintegrate. The result is totally natural odor elimination.

Additional Information

Warranty No
Country of Manufacture Germany

Product Authenticity Guaranteed - Fabove guarantees 100% authentic of all products we sell!


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    Review by JINGRONGon 2/9/2015
    I initially bought this smellkiller from Europe by paying around 70 EURO, which is much more expensive. It is also very heavy bringing across the Atlantic. But I've never seen it in Toronto. Yes, put it in kitchen, it really helps to eliminate those odors. last week, I purchased two more from Fabove (to save shipping), put one in living room, one in family room. Now I felt a big difference. It removes all smells.