Change your hairstyle as often as you change your mind with these Clip-in Hair Extensions! These hair extensions are made with the finest quality of human hair or synthetic heat-friendly styleable fibers, available in long and mid-lengths in straight or softly waved textures. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions help you go from long to short hair, or short to long hair in the minutes.

Hair Extensions

HairDo 23" Wavy Clip-In Extension
HairDo Tru2Life Styleable Fiber 23" Wavy Hair Extension Clip-in for length and volume. New 23" Wavy Extension is...
HairDo 23" Grand Clip-in Extension
HairDo 23" Grand Extension from Hairuwear! A three-quarter cap clip-in extension with five strategically placed pressure sensitive clips...
HairDo 18 Inch Simply Straight Pony
HairDo 18 Inch Wrap-Around Pony New name: HairDo 18" Simply Straight Pony Wrap with Tru2Life Styleable fibers. Any...
HairDo 16" Loose Waves Hair Extension
HairDo 16 Inch Loose Waves Hair Extension Natural, easy-going glamour is here! Flaunt a cascade of relaxed, layered...
HairDo 18 Inch Textured Wrap Pony R14/88H Golden Wheat
HairDo 18 Inch Textured Wrap Pony 18" Texture Pony by hairdo takes any wimpy pony from drab to...
HairDo 23" Wavy Wrap Around Pony
HairDo 23 Inch Wrap-Around Pony Live From the Red Carpet by HAIRUWEAR and Ken Paves. Instant Fashion Pony...
HairDo 18 Inch 8 Piece Wavy Hair Extension Kit
HairDo 18 Inch 8 Piece Wavy Heat-Friendly Hair Extension Kit Beautiful waves for extra length and volume. This...
HairDo 20" Styleable Clip-in Wavy Extension
HairDo Tru2Life Styleable Soft Waves Wavy Extensions, 20 inch One of Hairdo's new stylebales collections. Have gorgeous hair...
HairDo 16 Inch Ombre Extension R01625 Butterscotch Ombre
HairDo 16 Inch Ombre Extension Multi-level, 16 inch one piece clip-in extension that creates easy, fashionable style without...
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