All appliances/devices are warranted against functional defects in design, materials and workmanship, provided they are properly operated under conditions of normal use. The foregoing warranty shall not apply to normal wear and tear, or if the product has been altered, disassembled or repaired, or if the product has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident.

We only provide warranty service to the customers who buy directly from our company. While under a valid warranty period, please prepay the shipping charge and return the defective product to us with the original invoice and a brief note explaining the problem. It will be repaired or exchanged for one of same or similar model, free of charge. No refunds will be provided.

A defective item can be sent back to the following address:

Product Warranty
1540 Rand Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6P 3G2

Please use a registered mail, or a trackable shipping method, and prepay the shipping cost to ship back the item. For USA/International customers: please declare the package as Return for Warranty with a value at $10; otherwise there will be extra Canadian tax/duty.

Please note that our warranty policy of replacing or exchanging a unit, free of charge, only applies to products that are defective. Our technical support team carefully tests all products that are returned to us for warranty service. In the event that a product appears to be functioning properly and shows no sign of any technical defects, we will contact customers by phone or email for more information on the issues experienced. If no defect can be found and the unit is working properly, it will be abandoned or re-shipped to you at your expense.

We strongly recommend that customers read through the product's instruction manual and be sure to test the product several times, using different electrical outlets, before returning it to us. Please feel free to contact us for technical assistance if you have any question about the product.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Some products' warranty are provided by their manufacturers. Description "Manufacture's warranty" is indicated on the particular product page. Customers will contact and return the defective product to the manufactures for the warranty service.

Product Authenticity

We guarantee ALL products we sell are authentic. They are all genuine products, sent to us directly from manufacturers or their authorized distributors.