Professional care hair scalp treatments, shampoo, conditioner and hair vitamins specially formulated for women's hair loss and thinning hair. For healthier, stronger and more manageable hair.

Women Hair Loss

PHYTO Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum for Women 12x7.5ml
PHYTO Phytocyane Revitalizing Thinning Hair Serum is specially formulated to target temporary hair thinning in women. Phytocyane treatment...
Phytolisse Phytonovathrix Ultimate Thickening Densifying Treatment for Hair and Scalp 12x3.5ml. For fine, thin hair and visible scalp....
ThymuSkin Classic Serum
ThymuSkin Hair Treatment, ThymuSkin Classic Serum In the form of a biologically active solution, Thymuskin Treatment contains the...
ThymuSkin Classic Shampoo 200ml
ThymuSkin Classic Shampoo, 6.7oz/ 200ml Thymuskin Shampoo cleans out each hair and leaves hair soft, shiny and well manageable. ThymuSkin Shampoo...
HairMax for density Shampoo Conditioner Duo 300ml Each
This HairMax den-si-ty Shampoo and Conditioner Duo includes everything you need to help protect your hair. The kit...
Nioxin Starter Kit System 3
Nioxin Thinning Hair System 3 - Cleanse, Restore, Activate. Nioxin Thinning Hair System 3 is designed for Fine,...
PHYTO Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails, Phytophanère with Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids. 120 Capsules, Two month...
The hero product for thinning and lifeless hair with light activated ingredient. As the second step in the...
Nioxin Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Litre Duo System 4
Nioxin Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Litre Duo System 4 Nioxin System 4 is designed for Fine, Chemically Treated,...
ThymuSkin BALSAM Intensive Conditioner 100ml
Formerly known as Conditioner Creme Rinse. Thymuskin Balsam Intensive Conditioner is used for brittle, split, very dry or very...
Spectral.Lash is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment...
ThymuSkin med Serum Gel 200ml
ThymuSkin med Serum Gel is a higher concentration of thymus peptides, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids and was...
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