Hair Brush Guide

How to Choose a Hair Brush

Hair brush is a most popular daily hair styling tool. A good hair brush will give your hair desired volume, wave and curl , or smooth, sleek and straight result.

Styling Brush

Represented by the popular Denman classic styling brush.  A multi-functional tool for hair smoothing, shaping and styling.

Cushion Brush

Cushion brushes have a soft cushion pad with securing bristles on, often slightly curved and are used to smooth short, medium to long length hair. A cushion brush is a good all-round groomer that's particularly effective at preventing unwanted static. Cushion brush is available with both natural and synthetic bristles and gently stimulates the scalp as it detangles the hair. It is also the best brush to use if you have a sensitive scalp, as it won't pull at your hair, like some brushes do. Having a cushion rubber base helps reduce the static electricity generated during brushing, and therefore it's a great brush to use on fine and delicate hair for smoothing, shaping and styling.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are very similar to Cushion brushes, but they are larger and flatter than the cushion brushes. Ideal for long and thick hair smoothing and straightening. Paddle brush is used for quick-drying and straightening longer hair. This wide, flat brush is the must-have tool if you want to achieve a sleek, straight style. Paddle brushes have large flat bases, making them best suited to longer hair, as they allow you to dry it straight and will hold a lot of hair at once.

Round Barrel Brush

Round brushes are not just for creating curl, they add body and creates volume. Round brushes are made of nylon, boar or mixed bristles. The more open bristle type is used for achieving maximum volume and lift; The densely packed bristle round brush is great at smoothing and straightening your hair with the tension needed for hair that naturally has a wave or curl. Round brushes are best for straightening curly hair and for achieving a really sleek finish.

Round brushes can be thermal or non-thermal. A thermal brush has metal or heat conductive material barrel, and it gets hot by the heat from hair dryer. It works to dry your hair faster, and get really good roller-like effect.

Vented Brush

A vented brush, or vent brush, has openings that air can flow through and is designed to speed blowdrying, add volume and create texture. It's used to create root lift, amplify volume, and give some direction and movement like flicking out the ends of your hair. It is a great brush for easing out tangles on medium to thick hair, or to give a little more height and lift to a style. 

Teasing Brush

A normal teasing brush comes slim body with a pointed sectioning tail. Ideal for working with long hair, teasing and taming stray strands and creating up-dos.

How to measure the size of a hair brush?

Hair brushes come in different sizes and types, and are designed for different hair types and lengths. The size of a circular brush is measured from the bristle end to bristle end, also known as the diameter of a brush. Please include the bristle section, not just measure the central barrel.

How to clean a boar bristle brush?

Use a hair pick or wide tooth comb to gently go through your brush's bristles and remove the hair and dust trapped in the bristles. Dip the brush into warm water, add a few drops of shampoo or liquid soap, and lather up your brush for 10 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly. Dry your hair brush naturally upside down.