Hair Dryer Guide

How to choose a hair dryer

What is the best hair dryer? How do I choose a best hair dryer? Many customers found difficult to select a right hair dryer for their hair type. We recommend a good quality professional hair dryer, which helps create volume, eliminate frizz, or speed up drying time.  But for every hair type, it comes with a different best hair dryer.

How to Choose a Hair Dryer?

We recommend FITI Kolii 9000i Turbo, a Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Performance Hair Dryer. It delivers high pressure air flow for super-fast drying and reduces frizz for smoother, shinier hair. It works for thick, coarse hair and normal types of hair. 

In general, look for a hair dryer with these features:

  • Ionic technology - creates negative ions to lock moisture and smooth the hair’s cuticles
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technologies - help eliminate frizz and reduce drying time
  • Multiple heat setting - hot temperatures dry hair quickly and cooler air is gentle on fine or frizz-prone hair
  • Cool shot button - helps set your style for a longer hold
  • Concentrator attachment - allows you to concentrate air flow, fight frizz, and focus styling

If you have thinner or finer hair, select a hair dryer with these features:

  • Multiple heat settings with lower settings that help reduce heat damage
  • Ion button that can turn off the ionic technology, enhancing the hair’s volume
  • low wattage, 1200-1500W

If you have Thicker or coarser hair, select a hair dryer with these features:

  • Stronger air flow for faster drying time
  • Multiple heat settings that help you alternate between low and high temperatures (use cooler air for styling and higher heats for faster drying time)
  • Diffuser that helps create well-defined, smoother curls or a pik that helps smooth extra curly strands by combing the hair as you blow it dry
  • High wattage from1600-1875W

What is Ionic or Ionic Hair Dryer?

The word "ionic" is frequently used to describes styling tools ranging from flat irons and hair dryers, to hair brushes and hot rollers. An ionic styling tool is basically one that emits negative ions. Negative ions close the hair cuticle and reduce the static electricity that dulls hair and causes fly-away frizzies. Ions also break water molecules into tiny, micronized clusters for deeper moisture penetration into the hair, and hold the moisture longer for silkier and shinier hair.

Ionic hair dryers create negative ions to lock moisture and smooth the hair’s cuticles. An Ionic hair dryer makes your hair smoother, healthier and less frizzy. You'll feel the silkiness and see the shine.

What is Ceramic Hair Dryer?

Ceramic Hair Dryers distribute heat evenly, preventing any sections of your hair from overheating or drying out. Ceramic may be used in the dryer body, the heater or as a coating on internal parts.

What is Tourmaline Hair Dryer?

Tourmaline gemstone crystals, a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat. A tourmaline ionic hair dryer ensures the most negative ions and far infrared heat, creates beautiful styles with a pure gloss finish. Tourmaline hair dryer dry hair quicker, preventing damage and sealing in moisture and shine.

Why should I invest in a professional hair dryer instead of a cheap drug store hair dryer?

Professional hair dryers are made from more expensive materials, built with newer technology and more professional features. New materials like tourmaline crystals are crushed into new hair dryers to promote quicker drying time. BaByliss Pro has a luxury hair dryer, which has an exclusive Ferrari designed AC engine, you heard correct, the famous Italian sports car manufacturer.

Professional hair dryer features:

  • Diffuser - helps lift and separate the hair, enhancing your hair's natural texture. Diffusers dry hair quickly without "blowing" out your style and disrupting the natural texture; accentuating curls, enhancing smoothness while preventing frizz and fly-aways.
  • Nozzle - focuses air flow for more precise styling
  • Removable Air Filter - very important and a great feature to help maintain the effectiveness of your hair dryer. The filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent the motor from overheating or causing hair damage.
  • Noise level - Thanks to new technology, the noise level of the average dryer has been much lower. Velecta Pamamount has a super quiet hair dryer with the "Advanced Noise Reduction Technology", which reduces noise by 60%;
  • Weight - Professional hair dryers are designed for use by a hair stylist who has to hold it all day, so they tend to be much lighter. 

Important Tips for International Travelers

Most appliances in North America use with 110V and bear a polarized plug. If you want to bring a flat iron, curling iron or hair dryer oversea, please check if your tool needs any voltage transformer, and/or plug adaptor to use in the destination country.

1. Voltage Transformer or votage converter, also known as "power adaptor". North America runs on 110/120V current; Europe and most Asian countries on 220/240V current. Unless your item is marked with Universal Voltage, or Dual Voltage or 100-240V, otherwise, you will need a voltage transformer.

2. Plug Adaptor - The North American plug is a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. Similar to voltage, other countries use different shape of plugs. You will need a plug adaptor, which lets you put your plug into the adaptor and the adaptor plugs into the socket.