Hair Styling Tips

1. How to Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Many flat irons / hair straighteners are so versatile that they can be used as multi-tasking tools. Flatten, curl or flip hair with one appliance.

Flat Straight Hairstyle
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair from the roots to the ends. Repeat this process until you're done and you'll have a killer flat straight hairstyle that others will be envious of.
  Hair Styling Hints, hair straight
Soft Curl Hairstyle
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, gently squeeze the handle together and glide iron to the ends, then wind hair around plates. Repeat this process until you've achieve the perfect soft curl styles.
  Hair Styling Hints, soft curls
Flip Out Hairstyle
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair beginning at the roots, slightly flip out the ends. As you move down to the ends of your hair, flip up or twist the ends to the outside. This will add a curly turn and give some lift to your hair.
  Hair Styling Hints, flip out
Flip In Hairstyle
Insert a 2-inch section of hair between the plates, then squeeze the handle together and glide slowly through hair beginning at the roots, slightly flip in the ends. As you get to the ends give the hair iron a small twisting effect and turn it towards the inside. Repeat the process for the rest of your hair and you'll end up with a professional looking flip in hair style!
  Hair Styling Hints, flip in

2. How to Curl with a Flat Iron

This tips work only with slim to narrow (1" - 1-1/2") flat irons.

  • Separate the hair into sections as you would when working with a curling iron. Work from the underneath sections of the hair towards the outer sections.
  • Slide the iron down the shaft to warm the hair to prepare for molding the shape with the iron.
  • From the base of the section, place the hair between the iron plates, holding the iron at a 45° angle, and turn the iron. Use your free hand to guide and hold the iron closed while manipulating the iron in one turn.
  • Slide the iron down the hair shaft using even tension against the outer edge of the iron (which shapes the curl formation). Keep the hair on the upper portion of the iron plates, and watch that the ends do not slide out of the plates. Slide down the entire length of the shaft through the ends, maintaining the same angle.
  • Once the ends pass through the iron, release the hair and see the curl pop out. The slower the movement, the tighter the curl.
  • Do as much of the hair as desired, the spray with extra strong hair spray for longevity.
  • For waves, position the iron more parallel to the floor, rather than at a 45° angle, during the entire process.

3. How to Clean a Flat Iron

Always unplug a flat iron before cleaning it.

To clean the plates, wipe them with a damp soapy cloth. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe away any excess water. Never immerse the iron in water.

You can use a flat iron cleanser if necessary.

4. How to Style Your Hair with a Hair Dryer

To Create Body & Volume
To create extra volume, turn head upside down while drying. Position the airflow toward the roots for maximum lit. When hair is dry, safely toss head back and brush hair into place.
  Use hair dryer to Create Body & Volume
Straightening Finish
Work with hair in sections when creating a super straight look. Using a large round brush (approximately 2" in diameter), hold hair taut in each section and bend ends slightly under as you dry.
  use hair dryer to have straightening hair
Making Waves
Tousled, natural-looking waves are easily created by grasping hair at the roots and scrunching between fingertips while drying.
  use hair dryers to make waves

Hair dryers that emit negative ions are supposed to shrink water molecules in hair, helping it to dry faster and smoother. It is also important to have adjustable heat settings (high, low) and variable speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Both features allow you to change gears when styling, so you can easily manipulate the temperature or air speed to suit the look you’re trying to create. For example, medium heat and low speed are the best for a smooth blowout. Use high heat an speed for drying hair only partially, so it’s not sopping wet. A hair dryer with 2,000 watts is too gutsy, even on low force, blow you hair all over the place. Choose one hair dryers that have 1,500 to 1,8000 watts. We have a great selections of best hair dryers.

Many women blow-dry their hair regularly, but surprisingly, almost three quarters of them dread the whole process until they're finished blow-drying. Here is a smooth-hair shortcut. Follow these tips to get a sleek finish, fast.

Step 1 - Forget sectioning. Blow-dry hair loosely using an ionic dryer and your fingers.

Step 2 - Straighten hair from midshaft to tip using an ceramic flat iron to help flip ends under.

Step 3 - Smooth ends with a light shine serum. Press hair between palms for extra sleekness.

5. Tips for Shiny Hair

Wash and rinse your hair thoroughly by cold water, which smoothes the hair cuticles so the hair reflects more light. Regularly brushing your hair to remove dulling products buildup and calming down the cuticle, or using a shine serum will also help have a shinier hair.

6. Tips for Avoiding Firzz

Dry, damaged hair is prone to frizz, so keep hair healthy with a weekly conditioning treatment mask. Use a hair relaxing balm, like phytodefrisant, or a silicone products to create a barrier against moisture so hair doesn't frizz as easily.

7. Tips for Bouncy Curls

Use a body-building spray, like Phytoactif, when hair is wet; Use a round brush while blow-drying to coax hair into curls. The bigger the brush, the large the wave; For more curl, wrap large sections of hair around a 1-inch curling iron. Pin up the curls until cool, then flip your head over and fluff hair with fingers.


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