Thinning Hair Styling Tips

  • Shorter hair gives the illusion of thickness. Have an above-the-shoulder, layered cut, or a blunt cut.
  • Use products specially formulated for fine, thin, and thinning hair.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo which is formulated to thicken each strand with the use of polymers.
  • Shampoo your hair more frequently. As fine hair gets dirty faster, people with fine-textured hair need to shampoo more frequently. A good volumizing shampoo and volume-building conditioner will be helpful.
  • Rinse your hair well! Leftover residue weighs hair down.
  • Apply a light conditioner just to the ends of your hair. The root area of the hair rarely needs conditioning.
  • Towel-dry your hair first, and then use a low heat setting on your blow-dryer. Dry the root area of the hair first and give hair a lift.
  • Use a vent brush to lift the hair up rather than brushing it. Brushing the hair in the opposite direction from which it falls will give you the appearance of fuller hair.
  • Use a mousse or volumizing gel that is formulated for fine hair. The addition of a root lifter is also helpful. Sprayed on at the root of the hair will give extra body and lift.
  • Finish your hairstyle with a light hairspray. Use it only where needed such as around the face, on the backcombing before smoothing it and lightly over the top.
  • Get a perm or curl your hair to create volume. Curlers or wavers can do wonders for helping hair appear thicker.
  • Use hair cosmetic camouflage, like Toppik, HairSoReal HSR(microfiber "hairs" made from protein to thicken your existing hair), COUVRé (a cream or spray that masks thinning hair), and DermMatch (a cosmetic powder that thickens hair and covers the scalp).


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