Amaterasu Silk Goddess Mascara

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This is version 2.0 of Geisha Ink Silk Mascara, exact same brush design.

Amaterasu Silk Goddess Mascara gives you the power to customize your lashes from a natural daytime look to thick, sexy and sultry with our Silk Goddess Mascara. This mascara is destined to become your next beauty essential.

The Silk Goddess Mascara is a remarkable formula created with cutting edge technology to instantly deliver thicker, fuller and softer lashes with up to 6 times your natural volume and length. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and paraben free.

This ingenious formula incorporates traditional fine Japanese silk powder and fibres, allowing you to control the length and volume of your lashes. You can build it up in layers from all angles! Created to stay clump-free, this transformational mascara feels completely feather-light and soft to the touch. It removes easily by gently massaging off with warm water.

Silk powder also helps absorb oil from the lashes and will not dehydrate your lashes. When we created this mascara, we thought of lashes as being no different than hair follicles. For example, oilier follicles need a dry shampoo and just like the dry shampoo does its magic throughout the day, so does our silk powder in this mascara.

Women with oilier lashes tend to leave oil streaks on their glasses/sunglasses. They also have issues keeping their eye pencils smudge-free, as the oil from their lashes ends up depositing on the lower area of their eye (acting like makeup remover).

Suitable for those with very fine-med type lashes or oilier lashes.

Weight: 0.24 fl oz / 7 ml

Features & Benefits:

  • Lengthen and thicken lashes with up to 6 times your natural volume
  • Control your look from natural to glamorous with this super buildable formula
  • Keeps lashes curled all day long
  • Completely feather-light and soft to the touch
  • Water-resistance, smudge-proof; remove easily by massaging with warm water
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • PFAS Free

Usage Instructions

Curl lashes, apply mascara with the applicator brush tip to deposit the product closest to your lash line. This will help thicken the lashes. Then use the brush to deposit product on the rest of the lashes. This step will further lengthen your lashes.

Build super-soft length and volume by repeated application, until desired effect is achieved. Tighten mascara bottle after each usage. Removes easily by massaging lashes with fingertips and warm water. To remove mascara build-up, wipe down mascara applicator with a paper towel every 2-3 weeks.


Store mascara at a temperature between 5 - 25°C / 41 - 77°F

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