Color Wow EXTRA Mist-ical Shine Spray 5oz

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EXTRA MIST-ICAL Shine Spray - Best selling shine spray makes every style look sparkling and healthy ⁠— like diamonds in a can!

Super light finishing mist instantly adds intense, glossy shine. Lights up your style, makes your hair look sparkling and healthy. Groundbreaking shine technology!

EXTRA is the first super light glossing mist to harness the light-producing power of Mullein, a flower phenom that captures invisible UV light, then converts it into full spectrum light - which results in a brilliant show of radiance. EXTRA literally works like a UV-powered spotlight on your style. An EXTRA benefit? (Why not!) Mystics through the ages have touted Mullein for its power to "keep dark forces at bay". We know it keeps hair glistening and lit. If it also helps ward off evil, well, that's just EXTRA.

Use directions

Apply a light all over misting of intense gloss Apply to ends that look dull and dry Spray on your brush and brush through hair Apply to fingers, and rake up through hair to light up layers For rich, deep luminosity, hit it with blow dryer heat for magnified shine

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