Derma Roller System Microneedle Scalp Roller 0.5mm

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Efiicient system for anti-aging skin regeneration and collagen stimulation therapy.

Enhances any topical treatment regime. Stimulates natural repair pathways to support healing and maintain healthy hair.

The Optimum 0.5 mm Microneedle Length is ideal for users with thin hair or pain-sensitive skin. Model: DRS50.


    • 540 Titanium Microneedles
    • Ultra-sharp needle tips
    • Cross-line needle arrangement
    • Stable and infexible needles
    • Anti-slip grip

Use Directions

    • Clean the Scalproller with the sanitizing solution spray or alcohol and allow to dry for a few seconds before use.
    • At first, use a constant, gentle rolling motion once in one direction only over each area, from the crown toward the front or the sides.
    • After time, individual users may prefer to roll in multiple directions.
    • Optionally, apply a topical solution you like as per the product instructions.
    • Use the roller once a day at night before applying topical treatment.
    • Ensure the roller is cleansed thoroughly after each use, run under hot water and allow to dry before sterilizing and returning it to the case. Always allow the roller to cool before using.

Note: The actual package and color might be silghtly different.

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