Ecobell Hair Building Fibers 28g

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Ecobell Professional 99% Natural Hair Building Fibers 28 grams.

Ecobell hair building fibers, the principle of how Ecobell works is simply, and simply brilliant: Through electrostatic charge, the individual Ecobell Fibers combine with your own hair and thicken it immediately. Ecobell fibers is completely natural, colorfast and nontoxic, and works on all types of thinning hair conditions, for both men and women. Ecobell Hair Fibers blend undetectably with existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair.

Hair concealing microfibers is a finely textured keratin fiber substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of hair above your scalp where real hair is. It bonds electrostatically to thinning, fine and semitransparent hair, producing an incredible thickening effect in a matter of seconds and concealing the shiny areas of the scalp. Hair immediately looks thicker and hair thinning is no longer evident, meaning that the user no longer has to worry about unsightly thinning when around others, whether in the workplace, at important ceremonies and events or under bright lights.


    • Instantly fills in thinning areas
    • Conceals hair loss
    • Makes fine hair look instantly thick and full
    • Great as a root touch-up between colorings

Use Directions

Sprinkle evenly over thinning area. Apply fiberhold spray to lock fibers in place.


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