ETHICA UNMASK Rinse Out / Leave In Ultra Conditioning Hair Mask 90ml

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This ultra-volumizing hair mask not only provides incredible next generation conditioning and repair benefits well beyond typical masks, but also incorporates classic Ethica core functions for healthy scalp, follicle and hair support.

As with other Ethica products, their UVHM individualizes its response to the end user, and it perfect for every hair type. Flexible application usages leave this mask in a new class all its own.

For all hair types.


  • Powerful detangling, smoothing and softening
  • Repair of hair shaft and split ends
  • Penetrates hair shaft for deep results
  • Provides hair and scalp UV, and cold / dry climate protection
  • Neutralizes metal ions in tap water
  • Hydrates and nourishes hair
  • Creates a strong moisture barrier around the hair shaft
  • Neutralizing anti-static control by using cationic charging


  • As a rinse out after using conditioner
  • As a rinse out in lieu of using a standard conditioner
  • As a rinse in after washing & towel drying
  • As a rinse in when hair is dry, whether washed or not

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