Fanola Vegan No Yellow Incredible Foam 250ml

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Fanola Vegan toning foam conditioner formulated with a special violet pigment to neutralize reflections.With the same amount of violet pigment that is found in our Original and Vegan No Yellow Shampoo and added Bilberry, this product not only conditions but tones hair. Great for fine hair, does not run the risk of overtone.

Ideal For: Fine, Grey, Ash, Super Lightened, Bleached, or Blonde Hair.

For Professional Use: After dividing the amount of hair into two sections, part the section from ear to ear crossing the nape of the neck. The lower part is the first area where you deposit the product. Start with the root of the section of hair and massage the product. Then apply more product to the rest of the section, combing through to the mids to ends. Continue this process to each section of hair you take. Leave on following the times indicated, then rinse.

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