France Laure Moisturize Intense Serum 30ml

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Serum with an aqueous texture that optimizes the skin’s moisturizing effect and relies on deep penetration of the active ingredients.

Prevents and protects the skin against damages due to dehydration and also quenches thirsty skin. Due to its water retention capacity, it efficiently reinforces the cutaneous barrier against free radicals, firms, revitalizes and contributes to cellular renewal which will in turn reduce the visible signs of aging. Smoothing, appeasing and anti-inflammatory properties have been added to give and maintain skin’s freshness and integrity.


  • The Dermaflux™: increases the permeability rate of the cells and allows a better passage of water into the cells. Its effect is both short and long term.
  • Hyaluronic acid: a natural constituent of the dermis that acts like a sponge by capturing water.
  • Our antioxidant complex: provides vitamins and minerals, helps healing and protects against free radicals.

    Use directions

    Morning and/or evening, on clean skin, apply the Intense Serum to the face, neck and neckline with circular movements. Follow with the appropriate Harmonizing Cream or Repairing Cream..

    All skin types.

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