GAMA Italy IQ2 Perfetto Professional Hair Dryer

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The evolution of the hairdryer revolution. The new iQ2 as light as a smartphone reinforces GAMA as a continuous disruptor within the hair tool community. Combining extreme lightness with power and elite performance, the new iQ2 is set to be the new must have in the professional market.

In 2022 iQ2 hair dryer is the winner of the Cosmoprof Award, Hair Product category.

At only 0.65 lbs or 294 g, 2000W of power. The dryer has the TURBO function that increases the airflow, taking the engine from a standard speed of 110.000rpm to a super speed of 120,000rpm for 30 seconds.

Multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, without using extra power and reducing drying times.

Work in a super-efficient way, by reducing drying time without using extra power, you can work on more clients in the same amount of time. The intelligent brushless motor is fitted with tech that increases the engine’s life. The only dryer in the market with Standby Technology that allows you to work comfortably, reducing energy waste.

The iQ2 is the only hairdryer in the world with never-before seen Standby Technology or Smart on/off. It is automatically deactivated when placed on the GAMA Smart Pad included in the box, allowing the stylist to work comfortably, reducing energy waste and increasing the dryer’s efficiency.


  • Power of 2000 Watt
  • Extemely lightweitht, only 294 g
  • Turbo 120.000 rpm Ultra Speed Turbine
  • Interface with digital control technology
  • Super quiet operation, only 78 db of noise
  • 3 levels of temperature plus Cool shot button
  • 3 levels of air flow
  • Color lock - With Active Osygen, there is a better and major color fixation. Powerful antibacterial.
  • Auto Clean Technology that makes turbine work in reverse direction, pusing  the air off thus cleaning deeply the filter
  • Venturi system - Multiplies the air flow produced by the motor, withou using any extra power.
  • Innovative desigh to the perfect balance allows mutiple holds
  • One diffuser and 2 Nozzles (96mm & 68mm)
  • Microperforated filter & professional mesh filter
  • 3 meter heavy duty cord.
  • Used with 110V in Canada/USA
  • One year warranty
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