Phyto D-TOX Rehab Mist 150ml

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A lightweight, anti-odour spray that refreshes the scalp and lengths, while neutralizing unpleasant smells.

As lightweight as the purest air, this anti-odour mist immediately refreshes hair, when needed. When sprayed onto roots and lengths, the hair immediately feels clean, airy light and delicately fragrant.

A delicious blend of purifying Eucalyptus essential oil, antioxidant and revitalizing Kumquat extract and detoxifying and stimulating Burdock extraction. Working synergistically with the formula, an anti-odour agent neutralizes even the slightest scent of smoke.

RECOMMENDED FOR Normalized scalps. Hair exposed to industrial pollution, texturizing products, dry shampoos, temporary hair dyes, hard water deposits, sports, dust, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. A lightweight spray with refreshing Eucalyptus notes. Non-greasy, non-oily.

Use directions

A couple of sprays on the lengths and ends. Use anytime the need comes! For example: after a workout, a metro trip, a party or concert, restaurant, smoke etc. 

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