Revlon Be Fabulous Daily Care Fine Hair C.R.E.A.M. Lightweight Shampoo

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Fine hair is generally weaker and more vulnerable to damage: it often has split ends and raised cuticles and has a tendency to break. Fine hair can have up to 50% less protein content than thick hair, meaning it has a smaller diameter.

The BE FABULOUS daily hair care range for fine hair provides conditioning, while helping to create the body and volume that fine hair needs. Its lightweight formulas leave the hair silky but do not add weight.

Cleanses deeply while conditioning the hair.


• Helps to treat and hydrate the hair, leaving it thicker.
• Gives fine hair added body and volume.
• Repairs the hair and protects it against breakage.
• Enhances the hair’s natural radiance and condition, leaving it looking thicker and younger.

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