Satin Smooth Multidirectional Application Coconut Aroma Hard Wax 14oz

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Multidirectional hard wax is formulated with revolutionary technology that allows for application and removal of wax in any direction, taking the guesswork out of waxing. The formula is ideal for all hair types and sensitive skin.



  • Apply & remove in any direction of hair growth
  • Thin-flex: elasticity makes wax application easier for larger areas
  • Hard wax: strip free and specifically designed to only grip hair, not skin
  • Low melting point: quick & easy hair removal
  • Vegan formula
  • Ideal for all hair types and sensitive skin
  • 14 oz

    Use Direction

    • Remove lid, slide protective collar onto wax container, place wax container into warmer.
    • Set temperature setting on warmer to “Hot” for 25-30 minutes. Wax should be a thick, caramel-like consistency in the center and soft around the sides. Once desired consistency is achieved, set temperature to “Ready”.
    • Test wax temperature on small area inside of your wrist. 
    • Apply a thin layer of wax in any direction of hair growth, then smooth back over in opposite direction.
    • Press the wax down onto skin with fingertips to ensure it has adhered to all hairs and is slightly tacky. If wax is too thick or left on skin too long it becomes brittle and hard to remove.
    • Hold the skin taut and pull wax off (parallel to skin) in one quick motion in any direction of hair growth. Hard wax can be reapplied up to 2-3 times if necessary.
    • Remove any wax residue with Satin Release; help soothe discomfort with Satin Cool; condition skin with Satin Hydrate.
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