ThymuSkin Classic Shampoo 200ml

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ThymuSkin Classic Shampoo, 6.7oz/ 200ml

Thymuskin Shampoo cleans out each hair and leaves hair soft, shiny and well manageable. ThymuSkin Shampoo is specifically formulated to work synergistically with the ThymuSkin Serum and ThymuSkin Gel.

Direction for Use

The Thymuskin shampoo should be used whenever one shampoos, be that everyday, every other day, or once or twice a week. Simply wet hair well, squeeze a small amount into the palm, lather up and leave in hair for a minute while showering. Rinse well, briefly towel dry hair, and immediately proceed to apply Thymuskin Classic Serum.

It is not necessary to shampoo every time before using ThymuSkin Classic Serum or med Serum Gel.

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