Zielonka Smellkiller for Trash Bin

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Trashcan Comfort Smellkiller from Zielonka Germany

The Trashcan Comfort Smellkiller eliminates unpleasant trash odors without using any chemicals. Empty food packaging, leftover or cigarette ash, many of these waste products leave behind odors in your trashcan that are annoying or even unpleasant.

The solution: the Trashcan Comfort Smellkiller with its integrated Smellkiller neutralizes odors as soon as it comes into contact with air and moisture. Sufficient moisture is supplied with the extremely absorbent sponge inside the rubber pouch. The air in your trashcan is thus cleansed of all annoying odors, and not just blanketed with a new, synthetic fragrance.

Smellkiller Trash Bin Comfort size: 3 ½’’ x 1’’.

Rather than masking bad odors with perfumes or chemicals, the Smellkiller Trash Bin Comfort air cleanser uses the simple ingredients of water, air, and steel to neutralize them instead. The design is terrifically simple, yet powerful enough. It lasts forever, as long as there is water and air.


  • Removes bad odors
  • Proven - Never rusts or loses its power, guaranteed to work
  • Effective - doesn't mask odors, it neutralizes odors
  • Safe: air cleanser works without chemicals, sprays or electric current
  • Economical: works using only water and air
  • Patented - Made in Germany. Certified by a German Government Testing Laboratory.

Use Directions

Immerse the viscose sponge in water. Using the suction cap, attach the Trashcan Comfort Smellkiller to the inside of the trashcan’s lid. The suction cap adheres to all smooth surfaces. Check every week or so to make sure the sponge remains moist.

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