Avanti AVCROC Hair Straightener Complaints and Reviews

Avanti Ultra AVCROC Hair Straighteners are among the best flat irons and have brought the ultimate styling performance to professional hair stylists and experienced beauty users at home. To benefit more customers with these advanced tools, Fabove has partnered with the Avanti Ultra to offer the lowest prices avaialble. Many customers have taken the offer and the promotion has been a huge success.

Avanti AVCROC Hair Straightener Complaints and Reviews

Before clicking on Place Order button, some customers searched online and found the negative reviews and complaints about these two hair straighteners. Indeed, these two model did have a problem a few years ago. Due to one defective part, there were one or two batches of products which had severe quality problems and did not work properly. Customers noticed ERR code on LCD screen or no power at all after a few uses, even happened on brand new ones. The manufacturer withdrew all the defective products and solved the problem. Since then, the products have not received any similar complaints.

Avanti Croc Hair Straightener Questions

Occasionally we also received inquiries like this:

Question 1:

"I'm considering placing an order for the Avanti Croc hair Straightener. I'm concerned that this product might be a fake or refurbished item. Please advise. Also want to know if there is a warranty on this product?"


We fully understand the customers' concern due to huge counterfeits especially online. Fabove is the authorized online retailer, and guarantee 100% authentic of all products we sell, including these two Avanti models. They are genuine and in the brand new packages from the manufacturer. A product’s warranty is indicated on the product page of our website. For Avanti AVCROC and WD-AVCROC model, both come with one year warranty.

Question 2:

Do these Avanti hair straighteners have humming sound?


Yes, when iron is power on, slight buzzing sound will be noticed. It is normal sound from electric current and won't affect iron's normal performance.

Question 3:

I just received Avanti Ultra AVCROC hair straighteners. You must have sent me a defective one as it can't even be turned on.


Simple press power button will not turn on or turn off this hair straightener. Please Press and HOLD the power button for five seconds to turn on or turn off power. If you have any other questions or comments, please leave it below or contact our customer service.

Question 4: Do you recommend these two hair straighteners?

Answer: Absolutely, especially for those with long or thick hair, or perfer to have a wider plates of hair straightening iron.

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